April 08, 2014


  Has anyone considered how odd trees are?  I mean, when I look at a tree, bare from the winter, it reminds me of a weight.  Just its shape.  If you took it out of the ground, and take away all the dirt clinging to the roots, it would look like a stick holding together two different ends of 'roots.'  The branches are the 'roots' that collect sunlight and release gases, but the bottom roots collect water and minerals.  And the middle part... well, I guess its responsible for making the tree grow taller and for multiplying cells.

I almost wonder what would happen if you planted an already grown tree upside down, so that the real roots were reaching toward the sun, and the branches were underground.  Would the tree adapt to be just another tree? Or would it be something completely different? And honestly, what is the purpose of a tree... especially in winter? They drop all of their leaves and go into stasis; so what good do they do during the winter?

If anyone considers this deeply, they too will begin to question not only the purpose and oddities of trees, but the purpose and oddity of all life.  What purpose do we really serve?

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