May 21, 2016

Chips and Cracks

I realized something tonight while I was having a conversation with my boyfriend.  I know I've written similar things before about people being imperfect and unique, but this is a different perspective on that.

People are like old, worn, teacups. Each of us has a different set of cracks and chips from where we've fallen apart and been put back together.  Some of our rims might be thicker or more delicate, some of us might be pretty or simple.  Some of our cracks may run deeper than other cups.  But we are all subjected to changes.  We may be used for containing hot liquids or cold, or perhaps we get dropped too roughly in the sink.  But all of these changes affect the very material of who we are.  And, like a very loved and favorited teacup, each time we are dropped or start to crack, we are put back together by those who love us.  In the end each time we are dropped we do change some, and perhaps we don't retain our original character or luster.  And indeed we still carry sharp edges that may poke the ones who love us.  But in the end these chips and cracks do not matter because we are a favorite teacup of someone, and they will love us regardless.  Nobody enjoys being cut by a sharp piece of ceramic, but the cup contains more good qualities, memories, and personality than any of the others.  It is, after all, our favorite cup for a reason.