January 01, 2017

Happy New Year

Dear 2017,

Everybody has been ready for you since about September. Now you are finally here and I'm starting to feel like life is going too fast.  During you, I turn 20. I will have lived two decades. It probably doesn't seem like much, but from my perspective it does.  Right now, things should be picking up.  So much is already being expected of me, and there's more to come.  It is around this time that many things are supposed to happen, and life is supposed to follow a certain path.  My hope for you is that nothing veers too out of line, that new "firsts" will come my way and broaden my horizons.  I hope that you will be filled with good, and happy surprises and blessings.  Every year brings its own sorrows with it, but I hope you show me, and everyone, more love than hate, more good than bad, and always more happiness.

I pray that you will open my mind to greater possibilities, show me how to be more optimistic and positive, and reign in my reactions.  Please also show me how to be a better person, daughter, friend, girlfriend, geologist, granddaughter, and everything else that I am and want to be.

My only new year's resolution is to learn from you; about the world, about life, and about me.

Please teach me. I want to grow.