October 26, 2014

When To Call It Quits

Before I go into my actual post, I would like to apologize for not having posted anything in a really long time.  Life has been rough lately.  School has also been rough this year. I kind of went through some sort of stasis period where writing just wasn't possible.  I have come to the conclusion now that I've just been bottling so much up that it all finally came out.  Or at least the root of it has. I would say theres still a lot left.
Anyway, I also wanted to thank those of you who have so faithfully been increasing the page views even though I have not been posting! Makes me feel appreciated. :) And now for the first real post in months.... drumroll please....
   Have you ever had those people in your life who have promised to be there, to be friendly, but then they never care enough to do so? Like perhaps you were once in a closer relationship with someone and it ended, but you still promised to be casual and to be friends.  (I am a believer in this kind of thing, I have seen it work out).  Then after that you tried to get in touch and see how they were doing... but they refuse to speak to you.  Even when you know they heard you or got your messages.  You think "Is it really too much to ask for a response?" (And at this point perhaps you'll accept any response, even anger...).  Well it shouldn't be, but sometimes it is. Sometimes those people completely ignore you.  Sometimes they have a legitimate excuse, sometimes they just want to forget or get over it. 
Don't waste your time worrying over these people.  If they wanted to maintain a relationship with you, they would also be putting in the effort.  Don't wait around hoping and praying for someone to be the friend they used to be.  Every relationship should be two sided.  If they don't bother to put in the effort, they don't deserve to be with you, and you cannot change them.  Your words, kindness, generosity, and efforts will fall on deaf ears.  Unless they seek you out, don't spend your energy worrying about them. 
It is more important to focus on building up your true relations and friendships than it is to dwell in the falsities and betrayals of the past.
Hope this finds you all in good relationships in your life, but perhaps this will be of use to some of you who may need it.
And please, never ignore someone you used to care about.  I understand that wounds take time to heal, but when you ignore them, sometimes their wounds only fester.

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