October 31, 2014

Feverishly Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!! Hope you have fun trick-or-treating, eating the candy you intended to give out to kids (that's what I'll be doing!) , or just having a peaceful evening.

I, for one, will be staying at home on the couch.  I seem to have caught a cold from my classmates.  Bleh.  However, the weirdest part of being sick are what I call 'fever dreams.'  They tend to be really weird and confusing dreams... I remember one from my childhood that was even kind of scary... it was just constantly about those M&M people you see on TV commercials.  I don't remember why it was scary, but it was.  I didn't want to sleep after that.  Of course, I did fall back asleep again, and returned to the same dream.  Have any of you had these?  If so, please share your stories in the comment section!  I'd love to hear about your weird dreams!

The one I had most recently was really weird... At one point I was swing dancing (awesome!!) with some girl and showing her how to do aerials and then she said "you're really good at this!" and I said "really? I've never done it with anyone before!" and for some reason that was really funny so we both laughed.  Then some other guys wanted to do a centripetal force experiment using a porch hammock.  So I got in the hammock, they handed me a laptop (no idea why.) and they started swinging the hammock until it finally went flying around.  I clung for dear life to the laptop while my friends kept swinging me around and around and I felt the effects of inertia holding me in the hammock.  Then the girl who was dancing with me wanted to try, so we had to bring the hammock outside (because for some reason they did my trial inside, and now I didn't want to do hers inside too.).  We pushed the hammock and its stand through the window and then she got in the hammock and I swung her around in it.  But this time, because nobody was holding the base, she got all wrapped up by the ropes on the top and we had to go untangle her.  That was about the end of the dream.  XD

Another update, someone on Facebook posted about this app that I have somehow been unaware of for a long time, called "Snap" by Groupon.  When you go to the store and buy things, you can take a picture of your receipt and they will pay you money for buying certain items!  For instance, yesterday I think there was an ad for avocados.  So if you go to Sprouts and get a 47 cent avocado, they will pay you 50 cents!  This is a great way to earn back money that you spent, or even (as in this case) earn a little bit!  You guys should check it out here and tell me what you think.

Anyways.  I love halloween.  I love the candy, the candy corn, the chocolate... Okay, okay, you caught me, that's ALL candy... ;) but I also love the pumpkin carving, the candles, the costumes, everything! :) Tell me what you love about Halloween!

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