May 21, 2016

Chips and Cracks

I realized something tonight while I was having a conversation with my boyfriend.  I know I've written similar things before about people being imperfect and unique, but this is a different perspective on that.

People are like old, worn, teacups. Each of us has a different set of cracks and chips from where we've fallen apart and been put back together.  Some of our rims might be thicker or more delicate, some of us might be pretty or simple.  Some of our cracks may run deeper than other cups.  But we are all subjected to changes.  We may be used for containing hot liquids or cold, or perhaps we get dropped too roughly in the sink.  But all of these changes affect the very material of who we are.  And, like a very loved and favorited teacup, each time we are dropped or start to crack, we are put back together by those who love us.  In the end each time we are dropped we do change some, and perhaps we don't retain our original character or luster.  And indeed we still carry sharp edges that may poke the ones who love us.  But in the end these chips and cracks do not matter because we are a favorite teacup of someone, and they will love us regardless.  Nobody enjoys being cut by a sharp piece of ceramic, but the cup contains more good qualities, memories, and personality than any of the others.  It is, after all, our favorite cup for a reason.

April 10, 2016

Breath of Fresh Air

Sometimes it's good to take a break. I know that in the rush of stress, and due dates, and responsibilities, it gets really hectic, but stopping for a moment can be so beneficial. I think that's something I've just really come to grips with lately. Sometimes I feel like there's so much to do and so much going on, and many times this is the case.  But it only gets really bad when I tell myself that "it'll get better once it's over." Sometimes this is the case, like with tests and studying.  Other times its not.  When you have a continual steam of things to do and you just keep pushing to reach the finish line, its not going to happen.  Chances are you'll reach your breaking point before you ever reach the end.  So when you're so busy doing the constant stuff and you're feeling overwhelmed, stop. Stop before your body really hits the wall and you start falling apart. Stop and take a breather so you can keep running in one piece. Read a book, take a hike, go out with friends, do something crazy and fun so you can start at it again with a fresh spirit and the courage and energy to make it through. Even if you feel like you don't deserve a break because you haven't done well on a test or a homework, you do deserve it because you tried. All we can do in life is keep moving forward, but sometimes it's necessary to wander off the beaten path for a change in scenery.

April 09, 2016

Second Place!!!

I'm so overjoyed to announce that the Colorado School of Mines Sliderulers won second place in the swing dance competition tonight! I'm so proud of my boyfriend and his team for doing so well!!  Congratulations guys, you definitely earned it! Next year its time to beat CU, once and for all!

P.S. Here is an updated and much higher quality video! Enjoy! :)

April 04, 2016

Best Weekend :)

I'm so happy I got to spend these last three days with my favorite person in the whole world. I had so much fun touring more of Rapid City with you!! I loved just being able to spend time with you again and forget about all the stress for a while! :) Though I already miss you so much, I can't wait to see you again, and I'm praying these last 5 weeks will go by quickly.  Love you soooo much! <3 

P.S. Thanks for the chocolate chips and the NEW WEEZER ALBUM!! :D I'm still so excited about that!    And helping me re-pot my plant. And being brave in getting the dirt for her. And yeah, you are just the best! :)

grin em

March 11, 2016

Spring Break, at Last!

What a gift Spring Break is.  You would think that two and a half months of college is nothing, after returning from Christmas Break, there is no motivation left.  But thankfully I've found a way to restore motivation!  Talk to the same people or relive the experiences that gave you the passion for what you pursue.  That's what I did!  After grinding away through a semester with no fun classes and no classes that are actually part of my field, I needed reminding of why I joined the field of geology.  Today I visited my earth science teacher from high school, the real inspiration behind my love of rocks, and I have returned with a renewed energy.  Even though the rest of this semester will probably still suck, I can't wait to start up my geo classes again next fall.  Hopefully that will be enough motivation to keep me rolling through the rest of the year!

Not only has it been a restorative time for my motivation, but I'm also getting things done.  I've been busy, but not busy in a bad way. More like catching up with the fun things I had to put aside when the semester began.  But now my to-do list is gradually shrinking and I'm happier than ever! Here's to looking forward to Easter Break, haha!

February 02, 2016

Eyes: the Body of The Soul

It's a funny thing, trying to remember people.  It's easy to remember something they've done or said, but when it comes to remembering what they look like its a little harder.  When you think of someone, even someone you've known all your life, you can remember their face and the body type.  But remembering their eyes is very different.  For me at least, when I try to picture someone's eyes, my mind comes up blank.  I cannot imagine the eyes of those I love.  I don't know why, but unless I've seen them very recently, they come up as empty spots on the face.  But sadly, that is the part of the face I want to remember most.  After all, eyes are very expressive and some call them the windows to the soul. 

So perhaps that is the very reason why I can't remember them.  Perhaps it is impossible to capture or ever retain what someone's eyes look like because they represent the person themself.  It is impossible to permanently cage the essence of another soul.

January 24, 2016

Love is Acceptance

Love is hard.  At first it seems so easy.  Falling in love is easy; but staying in it is harder. I don't mean this to sound like love or relationships are a bad thing, because they're not.  But unlike the stereotypical image of 'romance' and 'love,' long-term relationships require hard work too.  I'm sure part of the problem that people face in making relationships work is the baggage that their partner brings.  I'd say this is such a problem because we're all inclined to believe that 'the one' is absolutely perfect in every way, a kind of 'super human.'  Disney princesses always found their knight in shining armor, true love was always the happy ending of every fairy tale, but neither are accurate representations of real life.  Some of you may roll your eyes at this; obviously fairy tales are just stories and not real life, who could be so stupid to compare them to reality?  But its not so much that we think life is just like fairy tales.  However, a small part of us will always be hopeful that someday we will find our 'soulmates' and everything will turn out fabulously.  We want to remain naive and we want our own stories to be the exceptions to the rule. We think that maybe, just maybe, our love will be different than everyone else's.  Our relationship won't have problems.  Our partner will not come with quirks, sadness, anger, distrust, or bad days. Nobody wants to believe that their potential mate could be simply human.  Because of this colored lens we look through, we refuse to accept anyone who is less than perfect.  In the initial phase of dating this is okay, but as things progress and more flaws are revealed people begin to realize "he isn't perfect." 

But I'm here to say something about this perfection-scope so many people use in looking for a significant other: you aren't perfect either.   Though I'm sure we'd all like to believe that we don't have flaws, that we aren't vain, rough on the edges, or that we have ugly sides too.  Human beings are infinitely-faceted and while this is what makes us unique, it also makes us increasingly complex and more prone to error. 

In any relationship both parties have flaws and baggage, its just part of what makes life interesting.  Yes, these things make love more difficult.  Sometimes they get in the way, sometimes they cause problems.  But in my opinion, its important to find someone whose flaws you can tolerate. Both because you must love them despite their flaws, and because they love you despite yours. Neither of you are perfect.  No, love won't be easy, but if you can accept and work through the rough parts there is so much more waiting.