February 02, 2016

Eyes: the Body of The Soul

It's a funny thing, trying to remember people.  It's easy to remember something they've done or said, but when it comes to remembering what they look like its a little harder.  When you think of someone, even someone you've known all your life, you can remember their face and the body type.  But remembering their eyes is very different.  For me at least, when I try to picture someone's eyes, my mind comes up blank.  I cannot imagine the eyes of those I love.  I don't know why, but unless I've seen them very recently, they come up as empty spots on the face.  But sadly, that is the part of the face I want to remember most.  After all, eyes are very expressive and some call them the windows to the soul. 

So perhaps that is the very reason why I can't remember them.  Perhaps it is impossible to capture or ever retain what someone's eyes look like because they represent the person themself.  It is impossible to permanently cage the essence of another soul.