July 23, 2015

Seconds of Summer

It's been so long since I've posted!  I am so sorry!  Inspiration has thankfully finally struck again, though.

Sometimes, as we work through the day, we get so fed up with things that we just wish that time would accelerate.  Perhaps everything that day is just not going right, we stayed up too late the night before and can't wait to go to bed, or we are bored out of our minds.  This happens to every one of us, and it's honestly unavoidable.  There are just those days, sometimes even weeks.  And while it may seem important to us at the time to rush through the day and end it quickly, it is more important that we pause, look around, and savor the flavor of the moment.  

I'm writing this today because I've noticed that my care-free summer days are slowly dwindling.  Pretty soon it will be time to head off to Rapid City, SD to go to school.  The time I get to spend with my family, my friends, and the ones I love is limited, and to me that is a scary thought.  So even though I still have those days that I just wish would end, and I'm usually pushing for weekends so I can surround myself with fun, I am trying to remind myself to take as many virtual snapshots as I can.  And honestly, this should apply to more than just this summer.  It should extend to every single day that I have on this earth, because my time (like everyone else's) is limited and must be spent wisely.  

So here's a tip for all of you, some of you will really take this to heart while others may not:  Even though you might hate your job, even though getting up is a drag every morning, even if you are going through a rough time in life, make sure to bring your mental camera and your sense of appreciation with you.  Right now it might not seem worth the effort to enjoy every second you have, (especially when those seconds are spent being bored) but it will be worth the memory bank you can reflect upon in the future.  So please, just try this.  Take a look around you.  Notice the people, even the ones that bother you, and appreciate them.  Notice the weather, enjoy the warmth of the sun.  Smell the roses.  No, seriously, go smell them, they smell great this time of year!  Fall in love.  Spend as much time as you can with those you already love.  Watch a sunset, then watch a sunrise.  Don't push time forward, hang back as much as possible.  Savor every second of summer.