April 17, 2014

Post Wisdom Teeth

Hey everyone, I survived!! I would love to be able to say that I was acting like those three people from my previous post, but I can't.  Unfortunately nothing super exciting happened.  But I'll share my story for the sake of remembrance, and perhaps you can find SOMETHING funny in this.
So, here goes nothing.  And perhaps I'll post a creepy picture of me also ;)
I got up, threw on clothes that I would hardly pass for being dressed to go somewhere, but hey.  The pre-op instructions told me to wear 'loose clothes' so I wore pajamas!!  We went in, my dad was all prepared to record me acting like a freak.  They took me in, sat me down, and put on this silly oxygen nose thing.  After I was all tied down to the chair (apparently people have decided to pull the oxygen out, or just decide to go home during the procedure) and had about three or four different sensors all over me, they stuck in the IV, and started the drip.
Apparently my fingers were too cold (as always) for the oxygen sensors to work, and I wasn't breathing regularly, so they added something to help me 'relax' and I was out moments later.  I woke up hearing the doctor and the nurse talking, and even though she was very careful that I was nauseous or loopy or anything, I was ready to get up and walk around.  I had no hilarious moments.  Which, although disappointing, was a relief I think.  We 'went for a walk,' then she helped me into the car and we went home again.  But perhaps this next part will make you laugh.  I got this drop-dead GORGEOUS headband called a 'jaw bra' (which I think is the most hilarious name), and I get to wear it till tomorrow morning!! YAY!  Okay.  Picture time.

Alright, there it is.  And yes, I look crazy, but thats because I'm intentionally making a face, not because I'm drugged up.  Although one side of my face took the rest of the day to stop being numb.  And it was so weird... I could bite my lip and not feel anything on my lip, but I could feel my lip on my teeth.  I probably could have amputated my lip and not felt a thing.  Not that I would do that.  I like my lip.  Hahaha.

I watched movies for the rest of the day:  The Fox and the Hound, part of West Side Story, Doctor Who, Footloose, the Aristocats.  

I am starting to miss food though.  I really want something salty and crunchy, like some triscuits or something, but nooo... I can't eat real food for several days :(  I get to eat soft boring cold stuff like pudding, water, more pudding, ice cream, and tomato juice.  Yaaaay.. But getting to have ice cream for dinner is a dream come true.  ;)

In conclusion: wisdom teeth are overrated!
Anywho, hope you all enjoy that creepy picture of me.  And the story.  Have a great Easter Break everyone!! Enjoy your food while you can! :)


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