August 22, 2015

Best Summer on Record: Glen Eyrie and Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Apart from hiking with my boyfriend, we also took a trip down to Glen Eyrie to visit the Glen Eyrie Castle.  The whole idea of going came from my boyfriend's love of all things medieval and castle related. I had been to the castle once for a wedding shower earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with the place, so I also wanted to return anyway.  Nestled in a more distant part of the town where tall sandstone rocks loom over head, a river rushes by, and eagles nest, it really is quite beautiful.  But not only is the outside beautiful, but the inside is stunning as well.

Nearly all the walls in the castle are intricately made of wood, and the ceilings are sculpted.  As well as a tea room, there was a great room on the top floor, an old carriage house, special rooms for the man's children, a den for himself, and so much more.  The technology that he implemented in the building was truly amazing and far before his time.  For instance he had fire hoses built into the walls, vacuum connections for cleaning the castle, and a heated table to keep his food warm while he was hunting.  

After we went to the castle, we visited Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Boulder and tried two of their coffees!  While very expensive, the coffee was definitely very good.  Anyway, it was a very beautiful day all day, even when it down poured at the coffee house (because rain is beautiful and exciting).  I absolutely loved touring the castle more in depth this time, and the coffee house was really neat.  I hope my boyfriend had as much fun as I did on this adventure! :) 

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