August 19, 2015

Best Summer on Record: Fern Falls Hike

One of my favorite adventures this summer was most definitely the hike my boyfriend and I took to Fern Falls.  After doing some research I found the hike and decided it would be super beautiful, so we went for it.  The drive up there was really pretty, but when we arrived we realized there was literally no parking anywhere in multiple lots.  After driving around looking for a spot like vultures, we decided to park along the road about 3/4 of a mile from the trail head.  We grumbled a bit about having to walk so far, but even the walk to the trail was beautiful, with aspens lining the road in places.  

Once the hike began it was even more beautiful than I had anticipated.  Not far along the trail we were greeted by several little creeks and streams which we had to cross, plus an excellent view of the rushing river.  And even though the end half of the trail got pretty steep, it was beautiful all the way there.  There were awesome rock formations, bridges, flowers, the water formations, and so much more.  Once we reached the top it was like a total change in atmosphere!  We went from being super hot to basically being air-conditioned by the spray from the falls. Overall it was spectacular and I loved every minute that I got to spend my favorite person on this gorgeous hike! :) 

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