June 09, 2014


Some of you who know me, know that I just love driving.  I don't know what it is about it that I love so much.  Its probably a combination of freedom, and 'rite-of-passage', and 'being an adult' (though I'll never be adultish), and the ability to get myself places when I actually want to.  This means NOT BEING LATE!! Well, at least not being MADE late by other people being late.  At least now I can choose to be late.  Its up to me.  Anyway, I really love it.  But there is something about being a passenger that I really miss.  When you're driving, you're in control for the most part, and you can do things and go places.  But when you're the passenger you can think, you can relax, you can stare out the window, you can watch the clouds roll in, you can daydream, you can philosophize, the possibilities are endless.  Oh, and you can also eat without making a huge mess, because you can look at what you're doing instead of just stuffing your face blindly.  I wish that I could both drive and stare at the clouds, observe the weather, and eat.  Doesn't safely work that way though.  I did realize something about this the other day though.  You know how adults are always commenting that the younger you are, the more creativity and imagination you have?  I believe that is indeed true.  Not because of age, but really more because of life.

That was very vague.  Let me elaborate.  When you're young, you have limitless time, you can do fun things, and you have the freedom and naivety to be carefree.  But as we grow older, we are thrown into the Pit of Responsibilites, Deadlines, Schedules, Work, Coffee, and Stress.  We go about our lives like robots.  
"Wake up, work, sleep, repeat." 
So now it begs the question, who is more free?  The youngster skipping through the grass day by day who is forced to go to bed at a certain time, has to follow rules, and has to be ferried around everywhere, or the average adult who can drive, can earn money, can be 'independent,' but must follow the monotonous rhythm of life? 

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