January 25, 2014


  Alright, so on the page I just made 'about the author' there were some questions that I didn't fully answer.  Here's the first post that I promised I would write in order to answer those questions.
  Did any [pets] stand out to you?
  The answer is yes.  I've only had two cats, but I have some funny memories of both of them.  The first cat I have ever had, was an old cat that my mom had long before I was even born.  Her name was Sophie, and although both my parents have told me what a good cat she was, and how funny she could be, she was never really that way to me.  I have the feeling that after I was born, the cat got jealous of the attention, and she was also probably not very fond of the quick movements and spontaneous actions I would take.  I can remember a time when I was in the basement and I walked past the coffee table only to be hissed at by the cat on top of it.  Knowing that hiss was a sign of hatred, it made me angry that the cat hissed at me, and so I swung my stuffed animal at the poor cat and whacked her on the head.  Now, of course, I do regret doing this, and I would not advise anyone to follow in my footsteps.  However, I was probably only about three when that happened, and I didn't really know what I was doing.  When I was about five, Sophie died, and for some reason I was really sad.  I had no reason to be.  That cat hated me, and I had hated the cat for hating me. We had never built any kind of relationship, and yet I can remember being in tears about it.
  After that cat, my mom went to the shelter to see if there were any cats there that we could adopt.  She found one female kitten and her brother, and not long after that we went back and got the female.  The shelter had already named her Snickers, and the name fit.  She's kind of a calico/tortoiseshell color (her brother was a little black kitten, and he was adopted on the same day we adopted ours).

  Since we got her when I was still little, I of course tried to do some silly things with her.  I once tried to teach her how to shake, like a dog.  Of course, she just got angry at me and ended up running away.  A couple of times I tried to make her a pretty string collar, but she just thought I was trying to strangle her when I put it on, and again, ran away.  Another time, I tried to give her a bath by filling a sink full of water and attempting to put her in it.  At the moment I had no idea that most cats didn't really need baths, and this one certainly didn't want one.  She put all four of her feet on the edges of the sink and ended up growling and twisting so much in my hands that she got away.  
  I'm still not sure why she never bit me.  
  Since she got past her kitten years, (and I got past mine,) she has acted more like a strange dog than a cat.  Of course, the whole 'shake' thing never really worked like it probably would have on a dog.  And she doesn't play fetch.  But she would rather sleep on an empty grocery bag on the floor than in someone's lap, or even in the little bed we made her.  Apparently trash is much more luxurious than fabric or a pair of warm legs.
  She also loves the ice machine.  Every time we run ice through the freezer door, she gets all excited!  If an ice chip falls on the floor, she crouches down, ready to attack it.  She will sit there in wait until one of us flicks the ice across the floor, and then go racing through the kitchen to chase it.  I have no idea why its so fun for her to chase something cold and wet across the floor, but its hilarious for us to watch.  
  Even though she might be a little strange, Snickers is our cat, and I will always love her.  

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