January 15, 2014


     If only we could open our eyes and already have an understanding of the world; open them for the very first time. That way, we would not take for granted the unique planet we live on. Imagine opening your eyes for the first time and really being aware of the significance of it. The small petals of a wild flower would be the most delicate, but also the most awe-some and the slightest dip in the land would seem to unbiased eyes a lush valley.  And then the even greater things would be unimaginable. The mountains and rainforests would literally rip away the air from our lungs because of their sheer beauty. The way we are raised, we are literally spoiled.  Not only because so many of us have everything we could possibly need at arms reach, but also because we have become so accustomed to the beauty around us that we ignore it, take it for granted. Even from the very first moment we open our eyes, we start down the path of ingratitude.  When we are so young, we have no idea what anything is, let alone what true beauty is or what it means.  When we think of beauty today, most people could tell you that its the way that something looks; how pretty a certain person is, how gorgeous that piece of art is. But there is something else which today not many people would call beauty, something deeper and less aesthetic than our textile world wants us to believe.  True beauty is not about how something or someone looks, and its much more basic.  Its something which none of the five senses can really do justice.  Its the soul which contains real beauty.

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