May 15, 2017

When Do I Start?

Hello again! Over the course of the last few days I haven't done much haha. I saw a lizard and some quails though!

 I caught up on some things I wanted to do and then... Well proceeded to be frustrated with the bad wifi and basically sat around. Let's just say I caught up on a lot of Supernatural haha!

While my parents were here we also drove by the sand dunes.  Did you know there were sand dunes in Nevada?? I did not.   I'm still amazed.

Also, check out this sunset! 

Eventually my roommate got here and got all moved in.  We finally got everything put away and settled the next day.  Then we proceeded to spend the next day sitting around watching more TV. Let's just say we haven't had a chance to figure out Winnemucca yet.  

Anyway, we start tomorrow.  Our first crazy early morning! I'm excited to finally get started! We got this.  Wish us luck haha.

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