August 22, 2016

Open Letter to College Students

To all of my friends and acquaintances returning to or starting college:

This year is going to be great.  If you’re a freshman, moving in might seem kind of scary, being away from home can kind of suck, but you’ll survive.  You’re going to meet all types of new people, probably many that you won’t like.  But that’s okay, you don’t have to like everybody.  And the few you do find that are worth keeping will help you on your journey as much as you will help them. 

You will be stressed, you will fear tests and teachers and projects, but you will make it.  Sometimes you might feel stupid, like you shouldn’t be where you are.  I promise you, you are not stupid.  You took the same tests as everyone else to get to where you are, and you endured your own suffering, just like they did.  Everybody deals with stress and tiredness, its how we come out of it that determines who we are.  If we give in, we won’t get anywhere.  But if we keep going, do our best to accept the circumstances as what they are and work with them, we all have the potential to overcome all obstacles. You deserve your shot, and you have earned it.  Go make the most of it. 

But keep in mind it will not be easy.  Even so, always give everything you do 100%. Your homework, your classes, your friends, your relationships, and yes, even your fun. Especially your fun.  You may find yourself with less free time, so enjoy it to its fullest too.  And sometimes this will mean faking it.  It is not always possible to get enough sleep, or finish your homework on time, or make straight A’s.  But no matter what, never quit.  You can do this.  You have it in you to make it, and you will do it.

And even when it’s really hard and nothing is working the way it should, keep smiling.  Even when you’re feeling the worst, smiling will always make it better (even if it’s fake).  So take a second to smell the fresh air when you walk to class.  Really feel the sun on your skin or the cold wind in your lungs.  And smile. Because everything is going to be okay. 

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