March 11, 2016

Spring Break, at Last!

What a gift Spring Break is.  You would think that two and a half months of college is nothing, after returning from Christmas Break, there is no motivation left.  But thankfully I've found a way to restore motivation!  Talk to the same people or relive the experiences that gave you the passion for what you pursue.  That's what I did!  After grinding away through a semester with no fun classes and no classes that are actually part of my field, I needed reminding of why I joined the field of geology.  Today I visited my earth science teacher from high school, the real inspiration behind my love of rocks, and I have returned with a renewed energy.  Even though the rest of this semester will probably still suck, I can't wait to start up my geo classes again next fall.  Hopefully that will be enough motivation to keep me rolling through the rest of the year!

Not only has it been a restorative time for my motivation, but I'm also getting things done.  I've been busy, but not busy in a bad way. More like catching up with the fun things I had to put aside when the semester began.  But now my to-do list is gradually shrinking and I'm happier than ever! Here's to looking forward to Easter Break, haha!

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