May 11, 2015


When a relationship is ended, we are heartbroken.  But the absence of love and companionship is not the only reason why it feels so miserable.  It is also because of how much of ourselves we poured into the relationship: all of the care and concern, our highest joys and our deepest secrets.  We put so much of ourselves into this thing we called 'love,' because we thought it was important, we thought it was meaningful, and we thought it would last.  Even though we may have emptied ourselves into making it work, what do we have to show for it? A stinking heap of meaninglessness.  None of it did anything, none of it mattered enough to hold the relationship together.  This is heartbreak, and I believe it applies to things besides relationships too.  When all of our labor toward any goal is so complete and it ends so fruitlessly, it is one of the most painful things in the world.

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM MDT

    Relationship commitments mean more to some than others. It's when we find an equality in the relationships that there is an unbreakable bond formed and we can move forward with our love and respect for another person. We love you, HND