July 28, 2014

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Yes, its such a long name for such a simple food.  After visiting the Haunted Game Cafe, and tasting the delicious Zombie Elvis (basically a peanut butter chocolate banana smoothie), I had to try to recreate it at home!  After all, I can't visit that awesome place every day (okay, I promise I don't eat these every day,). But still, I found a very similar recipe to the Zombie Elvis that is just as amazing.  And it has protein too!

1 Cup of milk (any milk will do, regular, almond milk, coconut milk, etc.)
1 Banana, more brown than yellow, for sweetness
2 Tbs peanut butter
2 Tbs chocolate syrup
2 Cups of ice cubes (about 12 cubes)

Add the milk, then banana, then peanut butter, then chocolate syrup to the blender.  Puree until smooth.  Add the ice cubes and blend until smooth.  If you want the smoothie to be sweeter, add a bit of sugar to taste.

Enjoy the smoothie!

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